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Back massage

Does your backache when you’ve sat too long? Do you ever experience a stabbing sensation when you pick up something heavy? Feel stiff after gardening or home projects? If so, you are not alone. Next, to the common cold, back pain is the most frequent complaint heard by doctors.

Research and experience show that massage is a safe and effective treatment that can help your back heal and prevent further injury. With massage, appropriate medical care and common sense self-care, your pain can recede and your back can become stronger and more flexible.

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Pain in your back

Our modern lifestyle is frequently the culprit in back pain. Hours of sitting at work, home, or in cars can lead to an imbalance between weak muscles and those that are chronically contracted.

On top of that, tension and fatigue in back muscles are often aggravated by the stress of a busy life. Tight, weak or tired back muscles are vulnerable to injury anytime you overdo it. Sometimes it doesn’t take much.

A sudden jerk or mild twist can cause lingering pain. Conditions such as fibromyalgia or arthritis can also contribute to back pain. Other factors that play a part include physically demanding work, pregnancy, accidents or falls, poor postural habits and improper lifting.

Massage for back pain

Massage kneads away tension and relieves pain in muscles that are injured or in spasm. It also relieves discomfort in surrounding areas that may be tightening up or “guarding” in response to pain.

Massage improves circulation, increasing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your tissues. This helps reduce swelling and accumulated toxins that can cause irritation.

Injured muscles and ligaments heal faster with less discomfort.
Massage also promotes flexibility, increasing ease of movement and reducing the likelihood of future injury.

Hot Stone Massage, Hoppers Crossing, VIC 3030, VIC 3029
Hot Stone Massage, Hoppers Crossing, VIC 3030, VIC 3029

The role of alignment

Either sudden trauma or chronically shortened muscles and fascia (the muscles’ protective covering) can pull your joints out of alignment.

If this is not addressed, you may have trouble healing. By stretching, lengthening and releasing shortened muscles and fascia, massage can help your body return to normal alignment.

Your massage therapist may also refer you to a chiropractor, osteopath or physical therapist to help correct your alignment. Massage will complement those treatments by relieving chronic tension, leading to more effective and longer-lasting results.

Stress and back pain

Research has shown that people experiencing anxiety and depression can have significantly increased low back pain.

Simply feeling stressed or emotionally overwrought seems to heighten sensitivity to pain. Minor discomfort can intensify enough to seriously affect daily life.

With massage, your focus turns to pleasurable sensations, allowing your mind as well as your body to deeply relax. As relaxation increases and your nervous system calms, mental stress
decreases and pain can fade away.

A complement to medical care

The work of massage therapists and other health professionals can be mutually supportive in bringing you pain relief and easier movement in your back.

Massage therapists, physical therapists and occupational therapists, as well as chiropractic, osteopathic and other physicians can all bring unique skills to your assessment and treatment.

Be sure to tell your massage therapist if you are taking medications or receiving treatments from other practitioners. If you are experiencing severe or persistent pain, it’s a good idea to see your primary health care practitioner before receiving a massage.

Meeting your individual needs

It is important to communicate with your massage therapist. Each time you receive a massage, your therapist will determine how to approach your session based on what you tell him or her about your progress and pain levels.

A series of massages can help an injury heal more completely, leaving you less prone to reinjury. Frequency of sessions will depend on the cause of your pain and your response to massage. People often receive a series of sessions, in the beginning, to help a painful area calm down.

For the future, consider scheduling an appointment at the earliest signs of discomfort to interrupt the cycle of tension and pain before it becomes a problem.

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What else can you do?

Your massage therapist may recommend other supportive measures for healing and pain relief such as specific stretches and hot or cold applications. She or he may also help you evaluate your posture, breathing patterns, and sleeping position.

Relaxation techniques may help prevent the buildup of stress, which often contributes to tension and pain. You may find frequent, moderate exercise to be helpful such as walking, swimming, or exercises that strengthen the back, abdominal and other postural muscles. Your massage therapist may refer you to a stress counsellor if needed.

Back massage

Pain relief with massage

Therapeutic massage is a natural, noninvasive treatment that is effective because it can address multiple factors in your pain.

It also powerfully complements work with other health professionals to increase flexibility, correct alignment, and improve the function and strength of your back.

Massage can be one of your strongest allies in restoring and maintaining good back health and pain-free movement.

We are qualified and well equipped to take care of you. We'll break the cycle of chronic pain or your money back.


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