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73 Heaths Road

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About us

I am a 73-year-old retired masseur with a passion for teaching blind people in poor countries how to massage and then finding jobs for them.

So far, I've done it in Bali (Indonesia), Angeles City (Philippines), Timbuktu (Mali, W. Africa - see www.timbuktumassage.com), Port Moresby (PNG) and I paid for training in Nigeria.

This time, I want to do it in my house - 73 Heaths Rd., Hoppers Crossing. With my wife - a masseuse with 13 years of experience - we just opened a massage studio and we are offering to the public the same massage services as the studios in shopping malls, but all profits will be used to fund the training of blind beggars in poor countries and then finding jobs for them.

We don’t expect the studio to be busy all the time and when there are no paying customers to serve, I can train some blind neighbours. I can work comfortably with four blind trainees at a time and within a week, or so, they can start earning money with the first massage sequence they will learn - neck & shoulders. In four months, I can turn them into masseurs, fully competent for work in any of the Chinese massage studios in the suburbs of Melbourne. My wife will employ all my trainees.

About us
Chinese Massage Hoppers Crossing

I will not try to make massage therapists out of blind students. They are not going to treat anything, not evaluating the client’s conditions, not recommending anything, just performing a sequence of massage strokes and moves the way they learned from us.

Last year I did a Certificate IV “trainer and assessor” course. I will use my new qualification to design a massage training program for individuals with some disabilities, such as blindness, deafness and possibly some other. (Nothing like that exists in Australia at the moment.) 

If you know any individuals suitable for our project, please provide me with their contact details. 74% of the 384 000 visually impaired Australians live on an invalid pension. Massage is one of the most suitable occupations for the blind.

Many of the blinds on pension would like to get a job, but the government regulations make it so hard for the trainers and trainees that a vast majority of them give up before they even start.

We want to give the blind a chance to try it and if they like the occupation, we will help them to study for massage therapist Certificate or Diploma.

Students with disabilities will be trained free of charge. After they demonstrate their competency they will be expected to stay with us for a while to hone their skills.

If you don’t know anybody suitable for our training, but would like to support our project, please come to our studio for a massage.

You will benefit in several ways - our massage will make you feel good on the outside; knowing how we spend your money will make you feel good on the inside. And when your time to meet your maker comes and you are asked:

“Did you matter? Did you make a difference in anybody’s life? Is the world a better place because of you?" Visit us and you will have a positive answer.

For more info, please text me on 0400719999, or email me - vlado.viglasky@gmail.com, or visit us.

"What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others."  - Pericles 430 BC


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